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Graffiti Cleaning

We are able to offer graffiti cleaning on all manner of households and places of business.

We understand that the occurrence of graffiti is usually as a result of vandalism which can have very negative effects on properties especially businesses and therefore we are available around your local area on a 24 hours, 7 days per week basis.

Most graffiti is applied using spray paints or permanent marker pens which are usually solvent or petroleum based and the method of removal depends upon the surface to which it has been applied as well as the medium of the graffiti to be removed.

Graffiti removal can be an expensive business, costing Network Rail an estimated £5million per year to remove.

We always have a fast turnaround on our works; graffiti removal is no exception as we recognise implications offensive graffiti can have.

Where do we start?

We will initially carry out a site visit to assess the situation and decide upon the best course of action. The graffiti is then removed using specialist tools from our range which includes various non-hazardous chemical products, high pressure water jets and other technologies depending on the type of surface we are required to clear. You can rely on us to remove graffiti quickly and efficiently.
We aim to provide a rapid response for offensive graffiti cleaning.